Say something, I’m giving up on you

“I’ll be the one, if you want me to…”

This post is all about before letting go- the process of waiting. 

Again, we all have been there at one point in time, where we are waiting for them to reach you. You’ve done enough and put forth the effort, so you play this “waiting game” to see if they really care or want more. You refresh your e-mail, and check your phone constantly throughout the day, wishing and hoping they would want to talk to you.

Key to remember, a relationship goes two ways, if you are doing the majority of the effort, then it is probably not worth the wait.

Instead of waiting around, I want the truth, tell me straight forward that you don’t see this going anywhere anymore. Tell me that I don’t deserve your time, I would rather hear it than waste my time waiting around constantly going through my thoughts over you.

Waiting is like the pre-game of letting go. You reach a point where you are waiting for them to make up their mind, you are waiting to see if they want you back or not, and you are waiting for answers. There comes a point, when I’ve waited long enough and I’m letting go.

You know the song, I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons, and I quote… “And I will wait, I will wait for you” ….

Although, how long, is long enough?

If you are still waiting, and it’s been about a month, then more than likely they will not reach out to you. With that being said, stop waiting, and move forward. It takes time for someone to truly miss someone and if they want to be apart of your life then they will get a hold of you someway or somehow. Don’t keep waiting, while you have open opportunities ahead of you. You can’t move on if you are still waiting.

If they don’t give you all the effort that you gave them, and you are constantly waiting on them to make that first move, then you might as well give up on them. Sadly, but it is true. You may have reached out to them a bunch of times, but only time will tell if they ever want to reach back to you. Don’t dwell on the fact that they never responded. Just stop waiting.

Like the song goes, “say something, I’m giving up on you“. This is true, I can’t wait forever.

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